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Youth Leadership

Jr. Aide and Counselor-In-Training (C.I.T.) Programs

Berks Area Youth Recreation offers special sessions to those young persons seeking a program to offer youth leadership through the Jr. Aide and C.I.T. programs

These programs offer courses within the resident camp program with objectives as outlines by the American Camp Association. Middle School youth campers entering as a Jr. Aide are offered times during the camp session at an entry-level to learn and practice leadership goals!

Counselor-In-Training (C.I.T.) campers will be engaged in the course as outlined by the American Camp Association to young leaders. The C.I.T. course is 220 hours, and is facilitated over a time of

3 summer seasons

The young teens in this program can be prepared for leadership roles in camp, in their schools, in their careers, and in their communities upon local age requirements. 

Waterfront sessions are included in both the Jr. Aide and C.I.T. programs. Participants must have BAYR experience or has at least completed the 6th grade. 

* C.I.T. campers will arrive for Pre-Camp Orientation with their parents/guardians on Saturday evening and attend Session 1, then return on Sunday morning for the second session to fulfill course requirements. 




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